Sparky, Duke and Billy
Case study
Winter 2017/18 issue

‘We’re very moved by our experience of homeopathy’

As vets fight for the right to use homeopathy, H & H highlights a remarkable case that shows how the therapy can benefit animal health. When Louise and Tim’s dog, Billy, became unwell and the only treatment offered to them was aggressive surgery, they looked for an alternative. Here Louise shares her story of how homeopathy has turned things around.

In late 2016, our Jack Russell, Billy, started to get a lump on the side of his face. It was making him very uncomfortable and we were quite worried about what it could be, so we took him to the vets. They said they thought it was an abscess, so it was drained and we thought nothing more of it.

But about a week later it started looking swollen again. This time we were told it was something under his tooth, so the best course of action was to take his tooth out. But after removing it, the vet came to us and said that things weren’t looking good and that the only thing we could do now was remove his jaw. He didn’t say the word cancer, but he suggested there was nothing else we could do for him.

It was horrendous; Tim and I were really shook up. As a couple in our second relationship who both have grown-up children, our little doggies—Billy, Sparky and Duke—are constant companions, so much so that we look on them as part of the family. When I met Tim, Billy was about a year old. I thought it was best that I ignore him because I knew that Jack Russells could be very feisty, but he just took to me and there’s been a real bond between us ever since.

I said to Tim: “I can’t do this, it just doesn’t feel right.” I knew I wanted to try something alternative but I didn’t know what. One day, just by chance, I discovered a friend of mine was a homeopath. She’s a very talented violinist and was in the orchestra of an opera I was singing in. During a break from rehearsals, I spotted her reading a book and asked her what it was. She replied: “I’m a homeopath.” I said, “You’re joking?” I was really taken aback as I had no idea, but I instantly thought about Billy and asked if she knew anything about how homeopathy could help dogs. She told me about Geoff Johnson, a homeopathic vet she’d heard had a very good reputation.

Fears of abandonment

After a six-hour journey across the country we arrived at Geoff’s clinic in Somerset. It was a really long way to go but as soon as we met him, we immediately felt like we’d done the right thing. Billy’s definitely got a problem with insecurity and meeting new people, but Geoff wasn’t intrusive at all. Billy was allowed to do his own thing and he just watched how he was.

Billy was separated from his mother when he was just seven weeks old and I believe it’s left him with abandonment issues. He has a lot of fear, which makes him aggressive when he’s actually very sensitive.

Billy before treatment
Billy before treatment

At one point, Geoff asked me to separate from Billy a little. He was sat on my knee and Geoff asked me to put him on the chair and move away so he could see what he did. Then he suddenly said, “Has he got a fear of water?”

I replied, “Yes—a massive fear of water.” Geoff then said he thought he could really help him. It was like he knew exactly what kind of dog Billy was and what might help with his insecurity. I was pretty impressed; it felt as if he really got him.


Geoff prescribed us the remedy Aurum muriaticum natronatum (Double Chloride of Gold and Sodium) to give to Billy four times a day. Within 24 hours he was different—he’d perked up and was very jolly. We were thrilled. The other thing that got me was that he loved the medication. He really enjoyed it and I remember thinking, “isn’t that weird?”

But after about three weeks, the swelling still hadn’t gone down. We contacted Geoff to let him know how we were getting on and he said: “I’m going to change the medication—I’m going to give him something that’s going to focus on the lump.”

Within three to four days of Geoff altering the remedy to Aurum muriaticum, all of the swelling and gushiness had gone. The transformation was amazing. We were already impressed by the big change of his mood with the first remedy, then to see the swelling go down with the second one was quite something!

A moving experience

We’re very moved by our experience of homeopathy because we feel Billy’s life has been saved. To go from the vet saying we couldn’t do anything for him to now having a dog who is happy and very content is unbelievable. I feel very blessed we took the initiative to see a homeopath, and it’s made me realise that alternative medicine is important to consider.

Geoff has been amazing and we’ve already referred a couple of people to him. We feel he’s turned Billy’s life around. Six months on, we still give Billy the remedy but we’ve cut it down to three times a day. The lump has completely gone and his mood is much better.

Even if Billy’s health deteriorates in the next six months, we feel like we have done the right thing. It’s had a massive impact on all of us as it was a very stressful time. We’re just so grateful that we’ve been able to have more time with him.